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Your Traffic Questions Answered

Every day our officers and dispatchers receive questions on traffic laws. Here are answers to a few commonly asked questions regarding traffic.

Q: Are tinted windows illegal?

A: According to MN Statute 169.71, all windows in passenger cars must have a 50% light transference (the law also allows for a 3% variance which brings the actual amount to 47%). That means 47% of the light that hits your vehicle’s windows must be able to penetrate the window. The reason for the tinted window law is that it is important for drivers to be able to make eye contact, or acknowledge seeing, another driver, pedestrian or bicyclist.

Q: Is it legal to drive barefoot?

A: There is no law requiring a driver to wear shoes. However, footwear (or lack thereof) should not interfere with the safe operation of the car. As long as you are in control of your vehicle, you may drive barefoot.

Q: Can I have a cover or frame on my license plate?

A: License plates may not be covered in any way, including a clear plastic cover. Clear covers can obscure the legibility or reflectivity of plates. Frames are allowed as long as they do not cover any part of the state name, month or year stickers. For more info see MN Statute 169.79.

Q: Can I have something hanging from my rear view mirror while I drive?

A: Fuzzy dice and other items are not allowed to hang from your rear view mirror according to MN Statute 169.71.

Q: Is a driver allowed to wear headphones while driving?

A: No. MN Statute 169.471 prohibits drivers from wearing headphones or earphones that are used in both ears simultaneously unless they are being used for hearing aids or emergency responders.

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This post was originally published on August 17, 2015 on the Eden Prairie Police Department’s blog.

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