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United Madison

Some of you may or may not know that I have been in support of the work of United Madison since their launch in November of 2016.  United Madison’s mission is to “unite and lift up our community and bring people together to better understand and learn from each other” (you can even see my part on their “What is United Madison” video).  United Madison attempts to achieve their objectives by working with local media and businesses to provide “Positive Service Announcements” (AKA, “PSA’s”) on unity, life skills or to highlight a local non-profit or cause.  They also work to match needs in our communities with those who can fulfill those gaps.

United Madison has a significant cause coming up that I would like to personally bring attention to.  Starting today, July 15, they will be launching a Mental Health Awareness campaign in our local Madison market on what to look for, what to do and where to turn in a mental health crisis or challenge.

While the Madison Police Department works with Journey Mental Health to help us provide the best possible resolutions (BPR) when dealing with people who may be in the midst of a crisis, we also acknowledge that members of the public are actually the “first responders,” as it is immediate friends, family members and constituents who first come into contact with those struggling with a mental health issue or episodic crisis.  For more information, please visit:

We will be sharing additional PSA’s from United Madison in the days and weeks to follow, so be on the lookout for them.

This post was originally published at Chief Koval’s Blog.

Michael Koval
Chief of Police
Madison Police Department, Wisconsin