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Two Awesome Ways to Search

The Main, Policies, and Forms e-Libraries now all have two effective search methods to quickly find the law enforcement information you’re looking for.

The new Basic Search allows you to enter anything in the search field to locate on-target resources. You could enter a single word, a phrase, a question – whatever you want, and it will find information that meets your request. Let’s say you’re looking for interview questions for sergeants. You could use the simple phrase, “sergeant interview questions” or the full sentence, “What are good interview questions for sergeants?” in the new Main e-Library Basic Search. Both will bring up hundreds of resources, with on-target results at the top.

For our power users, the Boolean Search still has your classic keyword search options. This powerful tool allows you to key in to the precise information you’re looking for. Our expert information editors review and keyword every document, so you know your search results will be spot on. You can also easily search for resources by location, department size, contributor, and much more.

We’ve also added a Return to Search button to both searches, so you can now easily refine your search strategy even quicker! For example, after reviewing your search results for body camera policies, you might decide to locate those only from similar-sized departments. Now it’s just a quick click away!

Contact your account manager with any questions on this exciting new enhancement. They can even take you on a mini-training on the new features – so contact them today!