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Three New IACP Model Policies Added

The IACP Law Enforcement Policy Center has published three new and updated Model Policy and Concepts & Issues Papers!

IACP Net members have full access to these new and updated law enforcement policies, as well as the full archive of IACP Model Policies.

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  • Law Enforcement Fire Response (Model Policy and Concepts & Issues Paper)
    These documents provide officers with direction on law enforcement responsibilities at the scene of structural fires. They do not address HAZMAT incidents, open land fires, wildfires, or motor vehicle accidents involving fire.
  • Transportation of Prisoners (Model Policy and Concepts & Issues Paper Updates)
    These documents provide guidelines for safely and securely transporting prisoners. This includes treating all prisoners in a humane manner and with due regard for their physical safety and protection consistent with sound principles of prisoner security. The policy and paper outline the precautions officers should take while transporting prisoners in order to protect the lives and safety of officers, the public, and the person in custody.
  • Use of Force (Model Policy and Concepts & Issues Paper Updates)
    These revised documents provide guidelines for the use of deadly and nondeadly force with the understanding that officers shall use only the force that is reasonably necessary to effectively bring an incident under control, while protecting the lives of the officer and others.

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