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Take Control with Pursuits®

Pursuits is the vital, database-driven resource for law enforcement agencies, empowering command staff and supervisors to make a better pursuit-related decisions based on hard data.

This secure, online database standardizes pursuit reporting across 30 data fields including speed, suspect information, and termination reason. Pursuits allows participating agencies to identify trends on local, state, and national levels and record and analyze data over time. Compare your data to national figures, trends, and jurisdiction parameters to identify pursuit trends and potential problems.

Maximum Speed During Pursuit sample graph

Utilize Pursuits to improve policies and reduce pursuit-related risk to officers and communities. By demonstrating that your department possesses effective policies and comparing your agency’s data to past pursuits and national averages, Pursuits may help improve outcomes when you’re faced with civil litigation and in public communications. Pursuits can help you manage liabilities and train staff for safer pursuits. If your agency is accredited, Pursuits can also help you meet the requirement that your pursuit data be recorded and reviewed annually.

LogIn, Inc., the company that produces IACP Net, also manages Pursuits. “We are proud to feature Pursuits in our family of law enforcement products,” stated Shelley Rose, president and CEO of LogIn, Inc. “Pursuits is a vital resource that allows agencies to take control of their pursuits and provides the data they need to draw clear conclusions.”

As the largest national repository of pursuit data of its kind, Pursuits contains more than 17,000 individual pursuit records, and that number continues to grow every week.

To join the community and harness the power of Pursuits for your agency, simply download the Subscription Service Agreement, have the chief executive of your department sign it, and fax it to 651.222.6577. Pursuits is available at no charge to IACP Net subscribers who participate by adding their pursuit data.

Pursuits is the streamlined and effective way to analyze your department’s pursuits, and obtain critical data to enhance decision making.

Join Pursuits today to manage pursuits and improve policy for safer pursuits and better outcomes.