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School’s Back in Session

With the start of a new school year just days away, it’s a great time to discuss school safety.

As observed every new school year, many become overwhelmed or stressed from trying to get everything ready for the first day/week of school. It’s best to plan your daily start early and be mindful of our kiddos and their safety while on your daily commute.

Consider the following safety tips and know what to expect from law enforcement. Safety is our number one priority!

Law Enforcement Activities

We’ll be patrolling our school zones before, during, and immediately after school. We’re looking for speeding motorists, along with distracted and aggressive drivers. During the first several weeks,

patrol officers will strictly enforce all violations observed within the school zones. This means if you are contacted for one of the following violations, you will most likely receive a ticket.


  • Passing a stopped, loading/unloading school bus,
  • Illegal Parking violations, including double parking,
  • Speeding in School Zone,
  • Use of Cell Phone, and
  • Unrestrained Child Passengers.

Officers on patrol will be in marked and unmarked police vehicles. Fair warning: We are watching and working to provide for another safe and prosperous school year.

Working together, we can ensure the safest, most favorable atmosphere for our children to live, learn, and play this school year.

For Parents

This past year, through the summer, and continuing into this school year, we are working closely with APISD to provide for the safest environment for our students and ISD staff. APISD has adopted the Standard Response Protocol created by the I Love you Guys Foundation. Parents, staff, and students will continue to learn more about this protocol as the year evolves.

Additionally, the PD and ISD will triage all See Something, Say Something reports to staff or the PD. Our best effort is to ensure we are doing all we can to maintain a healthy mental wellness of all students and staff.

Stay informed, stay protected!

This post was originally published on August 20, 2018 at Chief Blanchard’s blog.

Eric Blanchard
Chief of Police
Aransas Pass Police Department, Texas