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Have You Paid Your Entry Fees?

Rodeo participants (and their parents) know what I’m talking about when I reference entry fees. Other things have entry fees: road races, athletic competitions and other things of this nature. Today though, I am talking about life, success and the road before you, those kind of entry fees.

People these days seem to be in such a rush. Our society feeds on the next “thing.” Fads, movies, clothes, activities the latest coffee . . . you name it, we are rushing to go get it. We talk about it, we post about it, we Snapchat, Tweet. We cannot get to it, or there, fast enough.

But have you ever asked yourself if you deserve it? If you’ve earned it? If you have put in the time? If you have paid your dues?

It’s a subjective question that has to be answered by you and your heart. Our perspective on it is important. Earning it might take extra effort and work. It might take one more rep in the gym. One more mile on the trail. One more spreadsheet. One more solved case. One more shelf restocked. These are tangible and easily recognizable things that you can do.

What about your heart? Do you possess a servant’s heart? Most of us hope so, but your heart will guide, if you listen to it. Do you have the heart to commit to the tasks needed? Does your heart tell you when you’ve done enough and your entry fees are paid up?

My point is, at the end of the day are you doing enough in life to pay the entry fees?

Ask yourself:

  • “what have I done for my community this week.”
  • “who have I helped today”
  • “what kind of example am I to my family and friends”
  • “If I died today, what would be the first memory people had of me”

Have a great day and make sure your entry fees are paid.


This post was originally published on March 18, 2019 at Chief Westrick’s blog.

David Westrick
Chief of Police
Hollister Police Department, California