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New Model Policies from the IACP Available!

IACP Net members have complete access to these four newly released and updated Model Policy and Concepts & Issues Papers from the International Association of Chiefs of Police Law Enforcement Policy Center!

Download these new policies, as well as the full archive of IACP Model Policies and Concepts & Issues Papers in the IACP Net Policies e-Library today.

  • Law Enforcement Interactions with Canines (Model Policy and Concepts & Issues Paper)
    These documents provide officers with information on the proper handling of canines during law enforcement encounters to prevent, mitigate, and reduce the need for the use of deadly force.
  • Recording Police Activity (Model Policy and Concepts & Issues Paper Updates)
    These updated documents provide officers with guidance for dealing with situations in which they are being recorded, to include photographing, videotaping, audiotaping, or both, by members of the public or the press. For more information on the IACP’s Public Recording of Police Project, supported by the COPS Office, please visit
  • Unbiased Policing (Model Policy and Concepts & Issues Paper Updates)
    These documents, updated in conjunction with Ms. Lorie Fridell, aim to ensure that persons having contact with members law enforcement agencies are treated in a fair, impartial, equitable, and objective manner, in accordance with law, and without consideration of their individual demographics.
  • Vehicular Pursuit (Model Policy Update and Concepts & Issues Paper)
    This revised policy and new paper, developed with the assistance of the IACP Highway Safety Committee, establish guidelines for the initiation and continuation of vehicular pursuits, to include pursuit operations, pursuit tactics, supervisory responsibilities, and interjurisdictional pursuits.

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