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New Location Brings New Challenges, Opportunities for Beaver Dam, Wisconsin


  • Basically, I need many building and department rules for activities within the police department.
  • Deputy Chief Daniel Schubert
    Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, Police Department

IACP Net helps Deputy Chief plan for change.

Deputy Chief Daniel Schubert of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin (pop. 16,000), works hard to see creative opportunity in times of great challenge. The Beaver Dam Police Department — at 30 sworn — actually gained an officer during this tough budgeting time, when so many departments are losing personnel. This was accomplished in collaboration with other branches of the city; the Beaver Dam school district won grant funding for a School Resource Officer in the recently combined elementary and middle school.

But there is even bigger news in this Midwestern community. On November 5, 2011, the police department moved into a brand new facility. Deputy Chief Schubert is beginning to create new policies to accommodate new security and facility management requirements. The deputy chief started with assistance from an IACP Net customer service associate, who helped him locate documents highlighting police station security, facilities management, and personal locker space.

The new facility is 29,551 square feet, more than double the space the department had in the previous building. It includes a 20-stall garage, which is great for parking squad cars during a Wisconsin winter. There is now a separate booking room, which the department lacked in the previous facility.

Deputy Chief Schubert is facing challenges as his department adjusts to the new facility. He’s doing so with the help of IACP Net. The department continues to update departmental policies as it strives to achieve State accreditation. In the meantime, the department is issuing official memos covering departmental concerns to bridge the department over into the next phase. “New stuff is popping up almost daily,” remarked Deputy Chief Schubert, “because we have so many rooms we didn’t have before.”

“I want to create policies that cover ID tags, visitor logs, what you can and can’t display in your locker or cubicle, prohibited activities in the parking lots, maintenance requests, standards for acceptable artwork, personal heaters and microwaves — just a whole host of issues,” said the deputy chief. “Basically, I need many building and department rules for activities within the police department.”

The new physical location is another positive change for the department, which spent many years tucked back in the neighborhoods of the City of Beaver Dam. “The new station is right in downtown Beaver Dam,” said Deputy Chief Schubert. “Everyone knows how to get here. Before, we’d have to explain in detail how to get to the police station because it was in a residential neighborhood on a side street.”

Through positive — though stressful — changes and challenges, Deputy Chief Schubert and the Beaver Dam Police Department are able to turn to IACP Net to research and plan for the future.