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New Documents Available from the IACP Policy Center

Three new releases from the IACP Model Policy Center are now available to IACP Net members! New documents on Confidential Informants, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, and Law Enforcement-Researcher Collaborative Partnerships can now be downloaded on IACP Net!

  • Confidential Informants – confidential informants (CIs) can be valuable sources of information in criminal investigations. However, in order to manage the associated risks that accompany the use of CIs, agencies should establish sound informant control policies and procedures, such as those found in the updated IACP Model Policy and Concepts & Issues Paper on the topic.
  • Interactions with Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities – these updated documents address the fact that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DDs) might be limited in their ability to communicate with law enforcement and provide guidelines for officers to effectively address situations involving individuals with I/DDs.
  • Law Enforcement-Researcher Collaborative Partnerships – by establishing collaborative partnerships with researchers, law enforcement agencies can better respond to emerging issues by implementing new policies, programs, and initiatives that are based on empirical evidence. The new Model Policy and Concepts and Issues Paper, developed in conjunction with the IACP/University of Cincinnati (UC) Center for Police Research and Policy, seek to encourage agencies to develop these collaborative partnerships by providing guidelines and items for consideration.

Access these three new and updated policies, as well as the full archive of IACP Model Policies and Concepts & Issues Papers in the IACP Net Policies e-Library now.

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