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Number of Use of Force Law Enforcement Policies by Size


Writing effective and up-to-date policies is a top concern amongst police departments and sheriff offices nationwide. In 1991, LogIn Inc. and The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) collaborated to produce IACP Net. IACP Net’s Policies e-Library houses over 25,000 policy samples from member departments, with more than 10,000 coming from CALEA- and state-accredited agencies.

Why do I need IACP Net for my policy writing?

Use of Force Law Enforcement Policies Added per Year

The IACP has written 131 Model Policies covering some of the most crucial issues facing law enforcement administrators. These policies – all of which are available on IACP Net – are a great starting point, yet many departments look further for policy language more specific to their department.

IACP Net’s Policies e-Library was developed to enhance and tailor these model policies. In the Policies e-Library, you have the ability to search for in-practice policies by topic; filtering your results by agency size, date the policy was written, and state. These features benefit departments focusing on remaining compliant with their state laws and seeking policies that are tailored specifically to their department size.

Number of Use of Force Law Enforcement Policies by Type

What this looks like:

On a topic such as use of force, not only would you be able to filter by sworn, but you could look for a particular type within the topic of force, for instance, use of chemical force.

Every day, LogIn’s information team adds documents and policies to help you with your police research. We aren’t finished adding policies on a topic until that topic is obsolete.

You can access these law enforcement policies with an IACP Net membership.

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