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IACP / IACP Net Benchmarking Presentation at IACP 2016

Attending IACP 2016 this month? We invite you to an educational session we’re hosting in cooperation with the IACP, “Where Does My Agency Stand Among Its Peers? Introducing IACP’s new Online Benchmarking and Performance Analytics Tool for Law Enforcement: Your New Way to Drive Informed Decisions Using Interagency Comparative Data“.

Data helps drive better, more informed decision making. With this in mind, the IACP and IACP Net have joined forces with support from the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) to create the new Law Enforcement Benchmarking and Performance Analytics Portal.

Borne out of the IACP’s Midsize Agencies Section, and inspired by the Overland Park, Kansas, Benchmark Cities initiative, the Benchmark Portal is your new resource for conducting comparative analyses with peer agencies and is free for participating agencies.

You can input data on a variety of variables from agency demographics to crime and arrest rates, and see a graphic visualization of where your agency stands relative to similarly sized agencies.

Thinking of starting a new program or adding new specialized staff? The Benchmark Portal can also help you identify and connect with agencies that may have done similar work.

This session will offer a demonstration of the Benchmark Portal’s features and provide information on how to get started leveraging this powerful new tool.

Join co-presenters Chief Tony Pustizzi from Coral Springs Police Department, Chief Paul Williams from Springfield Police Department, Captain Chris Kostelac from Overland Park Police Department, Tracy Phillips from IACP, and Truitt Johnson from IACP Net.

The session, part of the IACP Programs and Research Track, will take place Monday, October 17th at 3 p.m. at the San Diego Convention Center, 3. We look forward to seeing you there!