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IACP Net: Providing Solutions to Norfolk, Nebraska


  • [IACP Net] is our first source that gives us answers about anything law enforcement-related. Policies, procedures, ordinances—it’s a tremendous resource and gives an excellent return on investment.
  • Chief William Mizner
    Norfolk, Nebraska, Police Department

Chief William Mizner of the Norfolk, Nebraska, Police Department turns to IACP Net for cutting-edge, reliable information. He’s able to build on the success of other departments from around the country to benefit the department of 40 officers.

“If agencies want to find a resource that will help them manage, to provide a wealth of information on a multitude of problems, IACP Net is by far the best source for getting that information,” said Chief Mizner. “Having that resource is extremely valuable to administration, research and development.”

Performance Program

While developing a performance measurement program, Chief Mizner consulted IACP Net early on. “IACP Net is the first place I went for help,” said Chief Mizner. “I found several articles in the Core Database that talked about performance measurement. With IACP Net, we’re able to compare ourselves to similar agencies and learn to measure factors that can give a realistic measure of performance.”

Not only is Chief Mizner considering standard performance measures — including arrests per 1,000, cases cleared, conviction rates and community surveys — he may also measure response time, time from call to dispatch, and time from dispatch to arrival at the scene. “So many factors affect crime rates,” said Chief Mizner. “We want to hold ourselves accountable for things we have control over.”

“We usually go to the Core Database first to see what information is already compiled,” noted Chief Mizner. “If we need more, we put out a query with the Quest-ResponseSM Service. Previous Responses to Quests are also included in the Core Database so you have access to a full range of Responses.”

Dangerous Dog Ordinances

Authorities in Norfolk recently saw an increase in the number of pit bulls in the city. Trying to avoid a breed-specific ordinance, Chief Mizner turned to IACP Net to research ordinances regulating problem and nuisance dogs.

“I was able to find some very good information,” said Chief Mizner. “Another agency had submitted a city ordinance on dangerous dogs, which we were able to reference when revising our ordinance.” Norfolk authorities are now in the final stages of revising all animal control ordinances for the city.

“IACP Net is an economizer,” noted Chief Mizner. “It maximizes research and cuts down the time spent working on an issue. The sooner staff can address issues with IACP Net, the more time they have to work on other issues.”

Retiring Canine Officers

Chief Mizner recently utilized IACP Net to find information about retiring canines to the care of their handlers. “This was our first experience with transferring ownership of police service dogs,” said Chief Mizner. “In the IACP Net Core Database we found a sample liability waiver and change of ownership form so that the handler can retain the dog.”

“Ever since we subscribed to IACP Net, we’re not reinventing the wheel,” noted Chief Mizner. “We find agencies that have already developed a program or policy, and get a lot of really good ideas just from reviewing the data.”

“If I were asked to justify the expense, I would say that there’s nothing else I’m aware of that can provide variety in one spot like IACP Net does,” commented Chief Mizner. “It’s our first source that gives us answers about anything law enforcement-related. Policies, procedures, ordinances — it’s a tremendous resource and gives an excellent return on investment.”

Chief Mizner’s advice: Budget and re-budget IACP Net as a resource every year. “We’ve been an IACP Net subscriber for a number of years, and have always been satisfied,” he said. “We use it as much as possible, because it’s such a valuable resource.”