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Heroin and Prescription Pain Meds

I attended a meeting on the state of heroin in Minnesota yesterday and believe there are still too many people that do not understand how we got to where we are today with this serious public health issue. Heroin and opiate based prescription pain pills continues to have a terrible impact on families in every corner of our community. Four out of five heroin users start by using prescription opiate pain pills. While the opiate drug problem is touching all ages, it is impacting teens and young adult the most.

Be aware that opiate based pain pills are nothing to fool around with. I hear stories every week about kids experimenting with prescription opiates that think because it is prescribed by a doctor it can’t be dangerous or have negative impacts. Many of the kids experimenting with the prescription pills end up on heroin not too far down the road.

Report suspected heroin or illegal prescription drug sales to our drug unit at 730-5750 or email or text by visiting our tip page:

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Gordon Ramsay
Chief of Police
Duluth Police Department, Minnesota