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Congratulating Co-Workers

We, the employees of the Bangor Police Department, would like to take this opportunity to congratulate a few of our co-workers for doing good things and being noticed.

Nope, none of them are cops, but they are the people who we work and interact with on a daily basis; they make Bangor a great place to live, work, shop, recreate, and pic-i-nic (shout out to Yogi Bear).

First, Orinda “Rindy” Fogler, a gem of a lady who goes above and beyond as she cares for the less fortunate in our city.

Rindy is the Community Services Manager for Bangor Public Health. She recently received the Director of the Year award from the Maine Welfare Directors Association.

Rindy works with us in outreach in getting help and services to the homeless population on a daily basis. She does many other tasks, but for us, she is an important cog in the work of helping the less fortunate. We appreciate her.

In her photo, you will note that she is with our fantastic City Manager, Cathy Conlow. We can see that they also brought her a plaque. This was nice. We will keep this in mind if our Police Chief ever gets an award. I mean, it could happen.

Speaking of Chiefs: Bangor Fire Chief Tom Higgins also won a prestigious award. He was selected as the Outstanding Emergency Manager of the Year award from the Maine County EMA Directors at an event in Augusta. Higgins has been in his current position for four years. He recently was selected by the Maine Fire Chief’s Association as the Fire Chief of the Year.

Higgins is humble, but the honors are well deserved. I should also note that his wife brought me an excellent fish sandwich a few weeks ago when I was working a concert detail with Chief Higgins. I found this to be worthy of an award.

In all seriousness, Tom Higgins is a class act. He is a fine example of all the things a leader, and a firefighter, should be.

And last, but not least, our Parks and Recreation Director, Tracy Willette has received the Partnership Award from the Bangor Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

Tracy is the real deal. His award is really huge as well. I overheard Tracy speaking to someone about removing the eagle from the award and mounting it upon the hood of his city supplied motor vehicle.

I have urged him to move forward with his plan, and will send some photos to the City Manager as soon as I get them. I think she will approve.

Great job, Tracy! You are a gentleman and a true friend to all who recreate in our city. I do think the eagle will cut down on fuel economy.

So, the tally is: Rindy Fogler – 1, Chief Tom Higgins – 2, Tracy Willette – 1 (it is really big though), and City Manager Cathy Conlow – 1

Bangor Chief of Police – 0

This post won’t bother him a bit. This could be my last day on Facebook. If so, it has been a good run.

Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people’s things alone, and be kind to one another.


This post was originally published on June 24, 2019 on the Bangor Maine Police Department Facebook page.

Bangor Police Department
Authored by Sergeant Tim Cotton
Bangor, Maine