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IACP Net Highlights, Vol. 13, No. 4
IACP Net Highlights is an electronic newsletter sent every other month to individuals who are not yet members of IACP Net highlighting some recent additions to our service. The July 2017 Highlights includes information on these and other topics: Training Bulletin — Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement Department Philosophy Policy Grant – Juvenile Justice Pilot […]
Qualify Now for the IACP 2017 Prize Package!
Networking with your peers is a key component to the success of your law enforcement agency, and IACP Net’s Quest-Response service is an excellent tool to share vital information and learn from others. IACP Net would like to thank those that participate in IACP Net’s peer-to-peer information exchange with the 2017 Quest-Response Recognition Program (QRRP). […]
Law Enforcement Benchmarking and Performance Analytics
Improve your agency’s metrics and advance policing. Use data to drive better, more informed decisions with access to peer data and experience. Sign up for the IACP and IACP Net’s Law Enforcement Benchmarking and Performance Analytics tool today. Complete the annual online survey and see where your department stands among its peers. And, it’s free! […]
Take Control with Pursuits®
Pursuits is the vital, database-driven resource for law enforcement agencies, empowering command staff and supervisors to make a better pursuit-related decisions based on hard data. This secure, online database standardizes pursuit reporting across 30 data fields including speed, suspect information, and termination reason. Pursuits allows participating agencies to identify trends on local, state, and national […]