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Biased, Racially-Based Policing

Race relations remain a hot topic across our nation. In keeping with transparency and progressiveness, I share with you how we strive to assure that our enforcement efforts remain above-board and professional.

Our mission, “Elite, professional policing through protection, service, and education for those whom have empowered and entrusted us with their safety, preservation of property, life and liberty; respectfully delivered with compassion, commitment, and the utmost of integrity” leaves no room for bias-based police service. That is, service defined by one’s race, sex, sexual orientation, and/or religious or cultural beliefs. If an employee engages in bias-based policing, that employee has crossed the line. Our policies guide our practices and direct that our services remain professional, while also protecting those we serve.

One can view our policies anytime online at our Department Policy Page. More specifically, our Racial Profiling Policy and Compliment/Complaint Process can be found here. Additionally, I recently added all racial profiling reports and audits performed on the department since the inception of my administration in 2012. To view our reports and audits, visit: the Audits & Reports Section.

As your Chief, I hold a zero-tolerance stance on racial profiling. There is no room in Aransas Pass for biased, racially-based policing or hatred. Though we take all complaints serious, we prioritize biased and/or racially based complaints.

My office is always open to the public. Please feel free to stop in anytime, email me, or schedule an appointment with my Executive Assistant, Stephanie Diaz.

This post was originally published on August 15, 2017 on Chief Blanchard’s blog.

Eric Blanchard
Chief of Police
Aransas Pass Police Department, Texas